‘Nanu’ App Lets You Make Free Phone Calls From Anywhere, On Any Network

If you enjoy having long conversations over the phone, you may want to consider this new app to avoid racking up hefty bills.

'nanu' is an Android mobile app that lets you make free phone calls via WiFi or the 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 

Created by Martin and Daniel Nygate from Gentay Communications, the app plays a short ad over the ringtone as you wait for your call to be picked up, allowing you to enjoy your calls for free. 

Unlike other popular apps like Skype and Viber, nanu lets you make phone calls via the less congested 2G network. This means that you can also make calls to landlines or other mobile phones. 

For now, the first one million users can enjoy free, unlimited calls to other nanu users, and 15 minutes worth of credit to call any landline, or non-nanu users. 

The app may only work for Android devices for now, but there are plans to make nanu available soon for iOS and Windows users.

Via Nanu & DesignTaxi