‘Improv Everywhere’ Sets Up A Luxury Spa At A New York City Subway Platform

Prank collective Improv Everywhere has pulled its latest stunt at a New York City subway platform, setting up a temporary luxury spa, complete with infused water, towels, hot stone massage and “steam room”. 

Carried out on the NRQ platform at 34th Street, founder of Improv Everywhere Charlie Todd, decided to take advantage of the high temperatures of un-air-conditioned subway platforms in its latest “mission”. 

Performers were draped in robes and towels as they enjoyed the spa services, which New Yorkers were encouraged to join in. 

Commuters seemed to take a warm welcome to the novel sight—helping themselves to the complimentary infused water, requesting for hot stone massages and cooling down in the “steam room”, where the cast will spray mists of water at the individual. 

Watch the video and check out the full report here.

[via Laughing Squid, images via Improv Everywhere]