Amazing Photographs Of Abandoned Subway Trains In A Forest In The US

Urban exploration photographer Johnny Joo recently came across a “train graveyard” filled with subway trains and cars, while exploring a snowy forest in North Carolina five months ago.

Joo, who belongs to a group of fellow urbex photographers called UrbanExplorationUS, told the Daily Mail that the trains, estimated to number over 78, came from places like Philadelphia and New York City. 

He also revealed that they once belonged to a man who collected trains and fixed them, but who later abandoned them when certain models were retired over the years. 

Lying in disrepair amid the snowy landscape, the rusty and faded carriages resemble scenes from a disaster. 

“It was bizarre how entire towns and more than 70 trains could just be sprawled through the forest as if time completely stopped. Almost as if the apocalypse had happened years ago but we didn’t even notice,” said Joo. 

Check out some photographs below and view more here.


[via PetaPixel and Daily Mail, images by Johnny Joo via Facebook]